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Birthdate:Apr 1
Location:Manhattan, New York, United States of America
Yuri Romanovich Kostoglodov was born into a world much like our own, with one major difference: in Yuri's world, werewolves were real. So were werebears, wererats, werepigeons, and a host of other werecreatures. Throughout history, werecreatures had been stigmatized and mistreated, though by the time Yuri was born in 1990, the campaign for were rights had followed in the footsteps of the disabilities rights movement, with mixed results.

Born in Russia and raised in Colorado, Yuri was never personally affected by the issue of were-rights. He was a typical kid who got by alright in school without distinguishing himself, picked on and protected his little brother by turns...and, in high school, took up the were-rights flag when he met a girl named Natalie who had an unfortunate tendency to turn into a bear every month. Having been a werebear all her life, Natalie was convinced she had control over her bear-self, and Yuri allowed himself to be convinced along with her. Perhaps he should have listened a little better in health class, and remembered that any were can react to even the smallest surprise with violence.

Yuri is a werebear. He involuntarily (and painfully) transforms into a large grizzly bear one night per month, on the night when the moon is at its fullest. When in bear form, he retains his basic personality and his memories, but becomes considerably less rational than normal, acting mainly on his desires to run in the moonlight, break things, and eat whatever he can get his paws on. In the days immediately before the transformation, Yuri's thought processes tend to become more simplistic and animalistic, and his senses are sharpened. In the days following, he is usually tired and weak. Like all werecreatures of his world, Yuri has a debilitating aversion to silver, the touch of which burns him and saps his strength. He can sense whether an object contains silver without touching it, and will instinctively avoid coming near it. Contrary to some folklore, he can be injured (or killed, though it obviously hasn't come to that so far) without coming in contact with silver, though he's generally of a tougher constitution than the average human his age.

Anyone who is bitten by bear!Yuri and survives the encounter will be infected and become a werebear.

Yuri is twenty-two years old. Mun is also over eighteen.
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